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Making the most of it

Engineered systems and upgrade features tailored to you and your machine

Starting from scratch? We can help you design and develop your new electrical system.


Fancy an upgrade? At SilkE-Systems we don’t believe in waste, so throwing away your car, boat or even caravan just because it doesn’t have some handy tech seems crazy….. well now you don’t have to.

A stylish 12" touchscreen with intelligent I/O expansion can be fully integrated into your vehicle or craft

Worried about complexity?

We'll take time to understand your requirements, so as to deliver something as simple to use and as advanced in its features as YOU need. Click here to discover what motivates us.

OEM grade touchscreens from 4.3" to 12" can be used to control and display information for any number of vehicle systems

What's the scope?

Whether you're building from scratch, reviving something old or simply wish to add a bit more tech to what you've got, click here to find out how we can help. You can even have your own personalised graphics!

The digital recreation of a classic

A  bespoke "night mode" theme in development

The end result?

Enhancing what you've got to make life easier, we've got solutions to suit every budget. The options are endless, why not give us a call to see what we can do for you?

Classic with a twist - 10.6" with a reversing camera pop-up

Compact and powerful 4.3" marine  vessel control system

Touchscreen HMI for a custom Unimog rebuild

How do you know it'll be reliable?

We use hardware that's designed to withstand the most challenging conditions, working closely with suppliers to efficiently deliver robust and intuitive control solutions.

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