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EV Development

Electric Vehicle Systems
Dedicated eMobility Solutions

The electrification era has brought with it new challenges that go beyond the traditional. With this in mind EMB have partnered with leading providers to offer state of the art controls solutions.


Functional Safety

Managed from the outset

  • Compliant hardware platforms

  • Fit for purpose software

  • Ready-made Raptor function libraries

  • Proven processes

  • Experienced Engineers

Rapid Prototyping

Robust building blocks

  • Secure hardware supply-chain

  • Raptor model-based software toolset

  • Integration management

  • Architecture and network definition


Development and Test

From concept to production

  • Version management

  • Simulation with flexible HiL

  • Network analysis tools

  • Datalogging

  • Data mining

  • Concerns management

Legislation and Compliance

Hands-on guidance

  • Process development

  • Data management

  • Market knowledge

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