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Do you need help developing part of or a whole prototype? We have experience right from requirements capture through to the commissioning of a new, existing or partially developed product.

Automotive & Marine Product Developer

Automotive derived technology is now far reaching and our understanding of complex systems within multiplexed architectures gives us a foundation to work in a multitude of sectors.  We have worked on projects across passenger car, buses, agricultural machines, boats and motorbikes, utilising the likes of J1939, NMEA2000, FlexRay, MOST and Ethernet.

Automotive & Marine Engineering

Moving Forward

At EMB, we have a wealth of experience in product development right from concept to prototype through to series production and end of life. We pride ourselves taking a holistic approach to clients problems.

Just some of the things we can and have offered are listed below:

  • Project management

  • System integration & integration level planning

  • Feature development, verification and validation

  • Testing, reporting & issue resolution​ with OEM systems such as:

    • AIMS
    • KPM​

  • Diagnostic service test & development

    •   VAG ODIS, iDEX & CP-Tool system experts

    •   UDS ODX creation & validation 

    •   ZDC and SWaP creation and validation

    •   Diagnostic Runtime Creation

    •   J1939 DM1 & DM2

    •   K-Line CAN & DoIP vehicle interfaces

  • Prototype vehicle specification, build & commissioning

  • Data acquisition and analysis with Condalo, GiN & TTTech loggers

  • Vehicle architecture & network development:

    • All modern vehicle networks; K-LINE, CAN including J1939 & NMEA200, LIN, FlexRay, MOST & Ethernet

    • VECTOR tool chain; CANalyzer, CANoe, CANdela Studio & PREEvision

  • Process improvement

  • Drive event planning and management

  • Crash test support

  • Coaching & training

  • Hybrid and electrification

    •   HV battery design and development

    •   BEV, REEV, PHEV & MHEV experience

  • Software calibration

    •   ETAS Inca

    •   VECTOR CANape

  • Calibration & software version management

    •   AVL CRETA

    •   VW System42

prototype harness
INCA calibration setup
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