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Niche or One-off

Combining high-end hardware with bespoke interfaces to create your perfect solution

New Builds

For low volume and custom products such as cars, trucks, buggies, tractors, heavy machinery, boats or caravans, we can provide high quality automotive electrical systems to suit your requirements.


Full instrument panel solutions

Touchscreen HMI

Body control systems such as lighting, central locking, wipers, parking sensors etc.

Infotainment and vision systems

Connectivity such as WiFi and Bluetooth

Expandable solid-state I/O

Custom graphics for a unique and “OEM” feel

Security systems

Full integration of engine and transmission management systems

Integrated self-diagnostics

Robust hardware of IP67+

Still Loved
Why trade in your stylish and much loved car just because it doesn’t have hands-free? Fancy a reversing camera but don’t want the new car that comes with it? Whether it’s your stylish luxury car, rugged off-roader or beloved powerboat we can give your favourite machine that extra bit of tech.

Dashboard upgrades

Hands-free connectivity

Music streaming
Reversing cameras

Parking sensors
Outside air temperature displays

Improved engine data displays's probably easier to ask us what we can't do....

With proven hardware platforms and our personal service, we can offer bespoke solutions to match your exact requirements. This unique approach gives a high quality feel and excellent reliability no matter what the starting point.

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