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Waiting for #ChipShortages to end?

Meet the #SecureSupplyChain & Customized #ControlSystems from EMB.

And go to launch. Fast. Efficiently. Securely.

Automakers spend enormous amounts developing each new car. Every launch of a new model means big investment, long lead-time, substantial fixed costs. Since the pandemic hit, disrupting supply chains and workforces, manufacturers are facing acute component shortages - mainly because of a lack of semiconductors needed to control everything within the car; from windscreen wipers to charging electric car batteries.

Vehicle manufacturers around the world have been struggling to maintain production.

Every day, we read about another vehicle launch that’s delayed. Postponed. Or aborted. Companies can lose billions when a product launch is delayed. Or rushed before they're ready for the market. And thus, one more long-awaited innovation never reaches the consumers.

After waiting months for a new car model, some buyers simply give it up altogether.

Delays in product launches cause substantial negative impact for the car companies. In the car industry, the problems associated with launch go far beyond just material losses.

The world is currently facing an unprecedented economic crisis. It creates a huge disruption in the global economy, impacting millions of businesses, causing mass unemployment, and altering the life of billions of people.

We’re incessantly reminded of the severity and scope of this extremely disorientating situation. While the news has seldom been so unrelenting, so unsettling, one aspect of this crazy and unexpected disruption might be a bit less obvious:

The Power Of COVID and War To Accelerate Cooperation In Our Planet And Force Re-Learning.

We all share an interdependent world economy and a vulnerable Planet.

The global reach of the pandemic keeps reminding us all of these realities.

At the same time, most car companies are now experiencing eager consumer demand after a prolonged decline during the pandemic.

While most companies, big or small, have been operating on survival mode for much longer than anticipated, others have discovered ways to create new solutions and are not only reaching remarkable growth. They are emerging stronger than before the pandemic.

Being forced to work on survival mode for so long, can have a positive side on growth-focused companies. In spite of the constant uncertainty and unpredictability of the current times, some brands have found a way to turn uncertainty and unpredictability into growth.

The Importance Of Having An Alternative.

For 30 years, I have been driving a car almost every day - a heavy routine imposed by the circumstances of my profession and a busy schedule.

All this time, have always been conscious of our dependency on conventional cars with an internal combustion engine. After all, the ICE car has been introduced more than 100 years ago.

It should be about time we had an alternative to these obsolete machines packed with thousands of moving parts that demand the attention of experts, are a nightmare to maintain, and cost a fortune to keep in working condition.

Now, thanks to Elon Musk, a visionary seemingly from another dimension, we have an alternative. At last!

And what an alternative. The unbelievable electric car by tesla motors.

Intelligence Is Now Shipping As Standard Equipment By The Auto Industry.


Please see this article I wrote recently:

Just as the world welcomes and embraces a disruptive innovation like Tesla, every vehicle manufacturer needs fast, efficient, and proven Solutions to take full control of their development and production operations.

Neutralizing the Semiconductor Dependency For the Long Term.

Making a truly winning difference. Even during financial crises. Wars. Or pandemics. With the Essentials to Secure Your Launch. A motorcycle. A new EV car. A jet plane.

Taking Full Control. From Design To Production & Beyond.

How Some Foward-Thinking Brands Are Shifting From

Automotive Manufacturing To Intelligent Global Mobility.

It starts with The Supply Chain Security Plan

To take your idea from concept to market. Fast. Efficiently. Securely.

Time-Tested Automotive Engineering Services.

Project Management Capabilities.

A Full Range of Customized Control Systems.

Secure Supply Chain by Reliable Partners.

Putting it into Practice with;

You can start by taking control of your Project with the Custom Control Systems and Embedded Model Based Development with Raptor by New Eagle. EMB Power is the fast. Efficient. Reliable Partner you need.

To take your idea from concept to market.

Raptor is a component library for MatLab that speeds up development.

With Raptor-Dev, there’s no need to waste time and resources writing hundreds of thousands of lines of code by hand.

· The open-ECU development environment within Simulink simplifies the process.

· Letting you use native blocks and features alongside Raptor blocks.

· To quickly create custom software for compatible production controllers and displays.

Get connected with suppliers of parts essential to vehicle development.

Even in the current times of integrated circuit supply concerns.

Our ECUs are mass-produced by major controller OEMs and are volume-priced to scale with your production needs.

As your Supply Chain Partner, EMB will provide the production-ready hardware you need to sustain development. We supply Controllers, Data Loggers, Displays, Telematics, Sensors and Actuators, EV & Hybrid components.

This hardware is qualified to tough, automotive-grade quality, environmental, and validation specifications. From Prototype through Production. The hardware cleanly integrates with the Control Software you build using Raptor Tools for a faster path to market.

A Control System Development Suite for taking a project from start to finish including:

· Concept, ECU & Component Specification

· Design & Software Development using Model-Based Development

· Hardware / Wiring Development

· System Integration and Calibration

· Validation

· Production

· Service

Organizations like Van Dam Custom Boats, Walmart, the U.S. Army among others, rely on New Eagle for a long-term partnership.

To guarantee High Productivity. Ongoing Profitability. And Sustainability.

Before your product development becomes a battle, reach for the arsenal.

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