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The Future of ECU Suppliers

Who you choose to supply your ECU can determine the success and longevity of your project. Unfortunately, in the past, engineers have occasionally been so focused on software compatibility, performance, robustness and price that they have forgotten the all-important factor of looking to the future. Here we look at why it is so vital to be forward-thinking and not stuck in the present.

Vehicle Manufacturer

Each vehicle comprises multiple individual parts; in fact, over 30,000 pieces could make up a single vehicle design. It also takes on average 3 to 5 years to design and begin production. This is one of the longer manufacturing processes, compared to a mobile phone, for example, which takes a mere 12 to 18 months. Once you have designed the vehicle, you then need to source, test, and ascertain validity on each component. Of course, in the current climate, something like a mobile phone is designed to last a couple of years at best, whereas vehicles are required to be in good working order for at least ten years. This is why we say it is so important to c

hoose your ECU supplier with care to ensure the supplier is still available for the best part of a decade. Not only will the initial vehicle last a decade, but it is likely that when changing models, it will simply receive a refresh rather than redesign, making the importance of longevity even more critical.

We were so keen to become a supplier for New Eagle because they have gone above and beyond in ensuring that they step up to meet this challenge. We know that their engineers are forward-thinking, for while you may not see the exact same ECU in 40 years' time, our suppliers can offer guarantees that your components will function for as long as the car is roadworthy, and compatible replacements will be available for the life of the vehicle.


We Look for

When we choose partners to work with, they must have prominence in the marketplace. New Eagle boasts long-standing relationships with Tier 1 suppliers of the likes of Bosch and Continental. They are both equally specialist when it comes to producing high-volume, high-quality ECU’s. That is why we wanted to work with New Eagle and establish a relationship just as they have with other companies who hold the same importance, bringing quality IS0 26262 capable units to the UK market. We know that we are recommending quality to our customers, and ensuring that you can get longevity to every vehicle you design using EMB’s services. In addition, we want to ensure that all products have gone through the best validation and design possible. It is fair to say that your ECU is not just another piece of hardware, it is essentially the brains of your vehicle, and every decision you make after selecting your ECU is based on the product you have chosen.

The bottom line is that you need to be purchasing your automotive-grade, production-ready ECUs from a reliable supplier who holds the highest standards in continuous improvement, software maintenance, customer response times, quality and availability, and accessibility to engineering support, which is why you should rely on EMB Power for a continuous supply of quality components in the UK. To talk to us about your project, contact EMB Today.


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