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EMB proud to partner with Military Grade suppliers

New Eagle is a certified Military-Grade Supplier

As a company, we value our relationships with forward-thinking, pivotal businesses that value success. New Eagle provides the critical components necessary for mechanical systems, and they are so well regarded in the industry that they have recently been contracted to design equipment for the American military.

This helicopter vision will undoubtedly usher in a new era of efficiency and prowess for the US military forces involved. We want to take a minute to consider what this means for our company and its new partners and why we’re proud to work with them.

New Eagle - Their Story

So, what’s the story with New Eagle? Here’s the lowdown on our partners. A women-owned, WOSB and WBENC certified business, New Eagle has taken the mechatronics industry by storm and proven that innovation is never far away.

Their proprietary Raptor software is speedy, inexpensive and easy to use. Offering an embedded design that’s model-based, New Eagle Raptor provides programmable control systems for machines and vehicles.

Our Valued Partners

Naturally, we’re ecstatic for our partners. Their new system fits seamlessly into our engineering solutions. After all, we cover the industrial, agricultural, commercial, automotive, aerospace and marine industries throughout Europe, and we’re proud to offer military-grade technology to add to the list. Through our partnership, EMB can provide the products and support for EV and Autonomous machines, with certified military-grade precision.

It takes a certain level of sophistication and prowess to be contracted by the US Military. Safeguarding the personal liberties and freedoms of the entirety of the United States is a big responsibility. The Military in America is undergoing a renaissance in terms of their technology - specialist, closed-system gear is being phased out in favour of universal, connected systems.

It makes organisations like New Eagle a vital asset for modernising the resources of the Air Force, the US Army and the Department of Justice (DoD). They have contracts in all three of those areas, and we could not be prouder for them.

Military-Grade Technology Available

New Eagle’s contract with the US Military means that we have even more products to provide our customers with. We’ve always admired the impeccable standard that the team holds themselves to, and now they’ve entered into the world of military-grade technology.

This assignment requires a high level of strength, durability, flexibility, practicality and efficiency, which is exactly the kind of goods we’d love to offer people. The use of Raptor helped avoid expensive machine replacements with a solution that updated obsolete electronics. The innovation and sophistication which we’ve come to expect from New Eagle will only serve to benefit the US Military and, in turn, benefit us.

Final Thoughts

We’re thrilled to watch this partnership between New Eagle and the US Military develop and look forward to sharing the latest series of military-grade control technology with our customers. We’ve made it our mission to forge meaningful relationships with companies and individuals of excellent reputation, and New Eagle is one making a name for itself in many ways. If you want to learn more about what the Raptor line of products can do for your machinery, then go to our new web store, You can also check out our refreshed Technical Services website,, and contact us for any further information.


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